Seminar Week: HackArchthon

During the last week (23. – 27. October) in Urban Design Studio Sarajevo, students from ETH Zurich and the Faculty of Architecture, University of Sarajevo participated in a seminar week called Hack Archthon. During this seminar, students had the chance to show their creativity and explore the advantages of blending quantitative data analysis with qualitative architecture strategies when designing urban planning projects. Participants explored various methods of data visualisation and used tools such as GIS, webGL apps, VR/AR, game engines, 3d softwares and digital fabrication. Students also had a chance to visit key urban sites and architectural projects in Sarajevo that will bridge the virtual-real gap, providing inspirational and real-world context.

After successful final presentations, students who had truly distinguished themselves throughout the week were awarded. We believe that seminar week “Hack Archthon” illuminated a bright future for Sarejevo and urban design by merging data analysis and creative architecture strategies.

Team Chair of Architecture & Urban Design:
Prof. Hubert Klumpner,
Diogo Figueiredo,
Dr. Michael Walczak (Computational Architect),
Dr. Marco Pagani (Digital Modeling Expert),
Alejandro Jaramillo (Pointcloud Architect)
Nadine Fankhauser (Scientific Assistant)
Melika Konjičanin (Scientific Assistant)

Team UNSA and IPDCS:
Prof. Dr. Adnan Pašić
Dr. Dženis Avdić (Climate Simulation Expert)
Jasmin Sirćo (Project Coordinator)
Vedad Viteškić (Planing Institute Sarajevo)
Tarik Delić (Project Assistant)

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